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Princess Behind The Wall


Inside every woman is that innocent and fragile being that is much like a princess, but who do we become when that ever so precious being becomes trapped behind the walls of heartache? Princess Behind the Wall is an intriguingly uplifting book of poetry by Cheryl Bousquet. It is written in such a way that it speaks to all of humankind. From the dedication at the beginning of the book to the last poem of the book, we are taken on a journey that understands each and every path in life. Are you on the path of heartache? Are you on the path of misfortune and dreams lost? Are you on a path of any kind that just simply has you down? From the beginning, Cheryl Bousquet reminds you that “the human condition has an amazing spirit.” –And so does her book. This is an encouraging read!

T.S. Wilkens

Poetry Reviewer

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